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The numbers of adults entering higher education has declined significantly in recent years.  This may be partly due to the increased tuition fees and the perception that these have made such study unaffordable.

Like any significant investment in life, such as buying a house or car, it is important that learners are provided with details of the options and finance available.

For example, much media coverage has focussed on the tuition fees being £9,000 per annum.  This is actually the maximum fee that can be charged and many HEART partners offer significantly lower fees than this.  For example one HEART partner has 2014/15 entry for their foundation degree programmes fixed at £2,250 per year whilst other partners have similarly lower level fees than the maximum.

Alongside dispelling the myth about the level of fees it should also be noted that student loans are now available for part-time undergraduate study.  Repayment works in exactly the same way as for full-time loans and therefore those on a salary below £21,000 will not make repayments whilst those on £30,000 per year will pay what you would typically pay for a cup of coffee each day.

For more details of part-time student finance check out our handy list of links to details, frequently asked questions and a repayment calculator click HERE.


HEART works collaboratively in other ways to support promotion, progression and access for adults to higher education and this includes:

  • Collation and promotion of Adult Learners’ Week activities.
  • Sponsorship of Adult Learners’ Week regional awards.
  • A transparent database offering progression from Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM qualifications with credit exemption toward undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • Working through the Leeds City region Skills Network to support development of higher level skills in the existing workforce and to close the skills gaps reported by business across the region.

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