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HEART Looked After Young People/Care Leavers Network

It was recognised at an early stage of partnership development that looked after young people/care leavers are often best supported by strong relationships with the local authorities.  Individual HEART partners had good relationships with their own local authority area.  It should also be mentioned that individual partners were and are doing excellent work with looked after young people, such as student ambassadors supporting after school clubs, special on-campus activities, support for celebrating achievement events etc.

However partners did not necessarily have such good relationships with neighbouring local authorities.  HEART therefore decided to develop a network engaging all partners and all West Yorkshire local authorities.

The network meets twice yearly and welcomes attendees from local authorities, independent fostering agencies, residential care home personnel, local higher education providers and other agencies involved in offering support and guidance to young people in or leaving care.  Get in touch to obtain further information.

The network essentially allows for sharing of practice, issues and actions to address the need for enhanced support for the young people in care/care leavers to progress educationally.

As a result of our early network meetings we have:

If you wish to join and attend the network please provide your details advising your name, full contact details, organisation and how you believe you can support our work to reduce the disadvantages that young people in care face.


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