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HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

Westborough Year 10 students will be going to their work experience placements in the week commencing 23rd May. Habiba Patel has asked whether partners might consider providing working life workshops a couple of weeks beforehand, with a view to preparing them for this, and helping them to make the most out of the experience. She notes that the students would benefit, in particular, from confidence building activities. A similar event, run at Horbury academy also included video clips (U-Explore) and work interviews.

Please let me know if this is something that you might be able to support.

Dates are flexible.

Liam Bunce replied 3 years ago

Yes, would be happy to support. Week beginning 9th May is currently completely free for me. I could bring some student ambassadors and get them to talk about their placements etc. Liam

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

That would be great – thank you Liam! 🙂

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Will Atkinson answered 3 years ago

Yes, we at Leeds Beckett will also be able to help. Ambassadors talking about placements would be a great idea.
Our availability in the week beginning 9th May is also good. Once we get a date in the diary we can discuss how best to deliver this and any resources that might need preparing.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Great – thanks, Will. I will get back to Habiba and pin a date/time down – will confirm shortly.

HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Liam and Will, can we go for Tuesday 10th of May for this please (if you are still free)? Habiba has asked whether a full day or a half day is preferred for this. Also, I’ve asked her about number and there are 186 students in the year group! Is this manageable for you and your ambassadors?

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Sounds like a big year group, I can support as well.
I’m checking about ambassadors, but I can definitely be there as well on May 10th

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Great, thanks Sophie. I will keep you posted. Best, Anna

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

Hi Sophie, Liam and Will have been working on the sessions for this and this is what he have proposed to the teacher:   Student ambassadors (1 from Hudd, one from LBU) talking about what they got from their placements, and Q&A Interview skills Transferrable skills (how a work experience placement can provide some important valuable skills/experiences) Getting the young people to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and how they can use work experience to work on them Work application forms: who would you choose? The young people would look at some application forms and see who they would choose to employ and why. We could do something about social media here – create a fake facebook/twitter account and imagine that they’re employers doing some ‘background research’. Your future career and higher education These sessions would be 20-30 minutes each and would operate on a carousel basis. The event will take place in the hall, so everyone will be in the same room. Would you be able to lead session number 5 – work application forms? I would not usually be so prescriptive, it is just that I have already provided details to the teacher. Please let me know your thoughts. Best, Anna

David Braham replied 2 years ago

Hi All. Is this sorted now? Is any more support still needed? If so I may be able to offer a Leeds Trinity Ambassador. Best wishes David

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