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HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

HEART: Anna Woodhouse


Leeds Beckett: Will Atkinson & 6 Student Ambassadors:

  • Business & Management
  • Psychology & Society
  • Childhood Studies
  • Project Management
  • Primary Education
  • Landscape Architecture


Leeds University: Simon Bright & 1 Student Ambassador:

  • Dentistry


Huddersfield University: Liam Bunce & 2 Student Ambassadors:

  • Music
  • Psychology


Bradford University: Recruitment Officer, Sam Ridley


Bradford College: Roy & Lucy, & 2 Student Ambassadors:

  • Business Management
  • Textile Design


We are going to divide the group by subject areas, however, rather than institutions. This means that we will need 10 stations, if possible? I know we said around 6 in the first instance, but I really wanted to make sure that we have a good range of subjects covered!


And yes, we will be there early to set up. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, and please do let me know if you have any questions or if I have missed anything.


Best wishes,




martell.baines replied 3 years ago

Hi David. Glad to see that you are up and about again. Hope you are OK.On January 15th. We are in the middle of delivering mock interviews to 180 students so I am very sorry we have no staff available to come to Westborough on that date.Best wishesMartell

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Thank you Martell, I am on the mend 🙂 Again, thanks for confirming the situation. Kind regards, David

joanne.tyssen replied 3 years ago

Hi. I’m sorry but Leeds City College cannot support this as we have prior activities booked in. Thanks, Jo

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Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Hi, if this is going ahead I could provide a couple of student ambassadors. However, it seems for responses that we might struggle as a partnership for January?

l.bunce replied 3 years ago

Sorry, this is Liam @ UoH (reply above)

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

We (Leeds Beckett) could also potentially offer support at short notice, but mid-January might be a struggle if we want the ambassadors / staff to deliver mini workshops rather than just talking about their course.
It seems as if we’d need 7 ambassadors, so if it’s only Huddersfield who can provide a couple, we might struggle to provide 5 .
Let us know what the school think, and if there is any flexibility with the delivery date.
Will (Leeds Beckett)

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