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HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

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School Requests: (dates that are in 2099 are unconfirmed)

For instant location of all events you are or have been involved in please search the table below for your abbreviated institution: BC,CAL,KC,LBU,LCC,LCA,LCB,LTU,UoB,UoH,UoL.WC

Confirmed Delivery DateTimeEstimated Delivery DateSchoolActivityAdditional InfoPartners Currnetly InvolvedSchool ContactPartner ContactLink to discussionsConfirmedCompletedNumbers InvolvedTarget 16
01/03/20164-7:30pmAiredale Academy 11-18Conversation CaféYear 8's March - optionsUoH - Liam SupportingwsmfTarget 16
09/09/2099Jan/Feb 2016Airedale Academy 11-18African VoicesYear 7 primary feedersl7b5Target 16
01/06/2016Airedale Academy 11-18Passport to universityYear 7's 30 pupils able but not aspiringUoH Liam SupportingkofzTarget 16
09/09/2099Airedale Academy 11-18Broaden Your Horizons2 sessions a term for year 9jj1tTarget 16
09/09/2099Airedale Academy 11-18Flood a School18flTarget 16
09/09/2099Airedale Academy 11-18Family Fun DayWider activity requiredkekbTarget 16
09/09/2099Castleford Academy 11-18Flood A schooltul7Target 16
09/09/2099Feb-16Castleford Academy 11-18Passport to universityoeu7Target 16
09/09/2099Castleford Academy 11-18Course Carousel4086Target 16
08/01/20161.30-2.30pmDixons Trinity AcademyBroaden Your HorizonsCap & gown activity / making choices (Broaden Your Horizons)Jo Tyssen (LCC)cne1ConfirmedTarget 16
15/01/20161.30-2.30pmDixons Trinity AcademyBroaden Your HorizonsCareers cardsJo Tyssen (LCC)cne1ConfirmedTarget 16
22/01/20161.30-2.30pmDixons Trinity AcademyBroaden Your HorizonsFizz TalkJanet (UoB)cne1ConfirmedTarget 16
29/01/20161.30-2.30pmDixons Trinity AcademyBroaden Your HorizonsHE vs school / Routes into HETara (CAL)cne1ConfirmedTarget 16
05/02/20161.30-2.30pmDixons Trinity AcademyBroaden Your HorizonsConfidence buildingTara (CAL)cne1ConfirmedTarget 16
12/02/20161.30-2.30pmDixons Trinity AcademyBroaden Your HorizonsMini ChallengeJanet (UoB)cne1ConfirmedTarget 16
09/09/2099Dixons Trinity AcademyAfrican Voices(UoL programme)jts3Target 16
04/05/2016Immanuel College 11-18Broaden Your HorizonsAnna - Need to check and confirm year group/numbersUoH Liam Supporting7287Need volunteersTarget 16
04/07/2016Immanuel College 11-18Course CarouselAnna - Need to check and confirm year group/numbersUoH- Liam Supportingzy8hNeed volunteersTarget 16
09/09/2099w/c 29th Feb 2016 or w/c 6th June 6.30-7.30 or 6-7Immanuel College 11-18Conversation CaféParents and carers discussion group - at school or on campus w/c 29th Feb., or w/c 6th June either 6-7 or 6.30-7.30 suggest a range of datesborqTarget 16
19/07/201619-21 July 2016Immanuel College 11-18Have A Go Summer School (Maths/English Embedded)20 pupils plus 2 teachersddu8Target 16
09/09/2099Before Christmas if possible if not Jan/Feb.Immanuel College 11-18Passport to University255 Year 7 Pupils5putTarget 16
09/09/2099June / JulyImmanuel College 11-18African voicesd9s6Target 16
12/07/2016Tues 12th July 2016Immanuel College 11-18Flood a school100 in yr 12
240 in other year groups
BC (Roy Ward), LCA (Martell Baines), UoH LiamJoanne.Welding@Immanuel.bradford.sch.ukz845Target 16
09/09/20991st Feb or w/c 15th FebJohn Smeaton Academy 11-18African VoicescmpwTarget 16
09/09/2099John Smeaton Academy 11-18Broaden Your Horizonsyear 82xrnTarget 16
09/09/2099John Smeaton Academy 11-18Courses carouselyear 9  584fTarget 16
19/07/201619-21 July 2016John Smeaton Academy 11-18Have a Go Summer Schoolyear 10UoH- Liam Supportingddu8Target 16
09/09/2099John Smeaton Academy 11-18Progression Modulesixth formtd2Target 16
09/09/2099John Smeaton Academy 11-18Flood a schoolsixth formi4kiTarget 16
09/09/2099John Smeaton Academy 11-18Passport to Universitysixth formkrn4Target 16
09/09/2099Leeds West AcademyConversation Caféparents and carers revision sessiondnmeTarget 16
09/09/209912-6pmLeeds West AcademyConversation Café - will confirm dateEnrolment day and meet your coach dayvbb9Target 16
09/09/2099Leeds West AcademyConversation Caféyear 8xnebTarget 16
09/09/2099Leeds West AcademyPassport to Uni campus visits on citizenship day (take a bus)iqf8Target 16
09/09/2099Leeds West AcademyFlood a schoolo9xjTarget 16
09/09/2099Octber 2016Leeds West AcademyHELOA ConferenceHEART will send date to school when confirmed. No support required from partnersos0cTarget 16
09/09/2099Leeds West Academy6th form open eveningkujwTarget 16
09/09/20997 - 12th Feb 2016Leeds West AcademyRequested Further Infoinput in ICE week with PP cohortsov7jTarget 16
23/02/20164-723rd February 4-7Manor Croft AcademyConversation CaféParents evening support j.robinson@manor croft.org.uk Julie Robinson - Head of year 8UoH - Laim Supportingj.robinson@manor croft.org.uk Julie Robinson - Head of year 8u2piTarget 16
01/03/20165-7pm1 March 2016, 5.00-7.00Manor Croft AcademyConversation CaféOptions Evening j.robinoson@manorcroft.org.uk Julie Robinson, Head of Year 8UoH - Laim Supportingj.robinoson@manorcroft.org.uk Julie Robinson, Head of Year 82x36Target 16
09/09/2099Manor Croft AcademyBespokeI was really hoping to set up a university visit with 15 Year 11 boys, who are our disadvantaged cohort. The type of learning I would be hoping to achieve is around having high aspirations/aim higher/ career opportunities. These boys would not consider university being an option for them, but they have the potential.Rachel Doddsdu2oTarget 16
29/01/20169:00 - 12:10Manor Croft AcademyCourse carouselWhole Year 10 (100 learners)- Manor Croft

"We are holding an Enrichment Day on 29th January2016 in school where students will not follow their usual timetable but instead move around a carousel of activities/talks/workshops on different themes. I was wondering if the HEART team could possibly help us out here and provide Activity for Y10 based on Post 16 routes, choices, etc., etc. The more practic-al the better.

The morning would start at 9am and finish at 12.10pm. How you structure the carousel is entirely up to you and the partners. We have hour long lessons, and there would be three lessons in the morning. However, if you want to run sessions that are shorter than an hour and have more of them then that’s fine.
Break time would be 10.55am – 11.10am.
LCC LCB LCA UoHM.Ryder@manorcroft.org.uk  07789771705 126bTarget 16
19/07/201619-21 July 2016The Featherstone AcademyHave A Go Summer School (Maths/English Embedded)ddu8Target 16
19/07/201619-21 July 2016Thornhill Community Academy TrustHave A Go Summer School (Maths/English Embedded)ddu8Target 16
09/09/2099Westborough High SchoolAfrican VoicesYear 7wfndTarget 16
09/09/2099Westborough High SchoolConversation Caféyear 9uzg2Target 16
09/09/2099Westborough High SchoolFamily Fun DayhwsoTarget 16
09/09/2099Westborough High SchoolBroaden Your Horizonsyear 8/9 2 sessions Autumn, Spring, Summer (including fizz talks)ddu8Target 16
15/01/20169:00 - 11:40, 11:40 to 12:30 then 13:20 - 15:0015/01/2016Westborough High SchoolCourse CarouselTo inform options - year 9 200 LBU UoL UoH UoB BCHabibaaaxjConfirmed200Target 16
19/07/201619-21 July 2016Westborough High SchoolHave a go summer schoolddu8Target 16
09/09/20992nd week in feb 2016Westborough High SchoolBroaden Your Horizonsb9uaTarget 16
29/01/2016PMManor Croft AcademyPassport To University (Campus Visit)100 Year 10 students, 90 minutes campus tourSimon Bright (UoL)and Will Atkinson (LBU) - double check5fm7Confirmed Target 16
02/02/20168.50am – 3.10pmColne Valley High SchoolMock InterviewsYear 11LBUSamantha Hardcastle
fe9gnjConfirmedNon Target
09/09/2099Trinity Academy HalifaxNeed to engage with school, understand requirements and then re-send to partnersUoHRichard Tipler - r.tipler [ @ ][ trinityacademyhalifax.orgLiam Bunceg3ygtTarget 16
16/03/2016am & pmLeeds West AcademyTheatre of Debate externalConfirmed
17/03/2016am & pmDixons Trinity AcademyTheatre of Debate externalConfirmed
18/03/2016am & pmPark Lane Learning TrustTheatre of Debate externalConfirmed
19/03/2016eveningTheatre of Debate externalConfirmed
21/03/2016am & pmDixons Allerton AcademyTheatre of Debate externalConfirmed
22/03/2016am & pmImmanuel CollegeTheatre of Debate externalConfirmed
23/03/2016am & pmManor Croft AcademyTheatre of Debate externalConfirmed
24/03/2016am & pmWestborough High SchoolTheatre of Debate externalConfirmed
13/01/2016AM (morning) 8:30 - 1:00 TBCJohn Smeaton AcademyAhead Partnership Careers Day SupportYears 10-11externaldaniel.pegg@aheadpartnership.org.uk
Tel: 0113 246 7877
Mob: 07872161558
fa34Target 16
10/02/201616:00-19:00John Smeaton AcademyConversation CaféYear 11mark smithekas1Target 16
02/03/201616:00-19:00John Smeaton AcademyConversation CaféYear 10Mark Smithyku9iTarget 16
09/03/201616:00-19:00John Smeaton AcademyConversation CafeYear 9Mark Smithets34Target 16
08/06/201616:00-19:00John Smeaton AcademyConversation CaféYear 8Mark Smithe9lrTarget 16
13/07/2016AMRoyds SchoolPersonal Statements WorkshopYear 12Alex Proctori234
13/07/2016PMRoyds SchoolHE Options FairYear 12Alex Proctor37b9
23/03/2016PMTrinity Academy HalifaxConversation CafeYear 11Grace Hudsonro4bsTarget 16
09/06/2016PMTrinity Academy HalifaxConversation CafeYear 10Grace Hudsonws934Target 16

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Kirklees College
Leeds Beckett University
Leeds City College
Leeds College of Art
Leeds College of Building
Leeds Trinity University
University of Bradford
University of Huddersfield
University of Leeds
University Centre Wakefield

Your Confirmed activity that your institution is delivering:

Bradford College
Calderdale College
Kirklees College
Leeds Beckett University
Leeds City College
Leeds College of Art
Leeds College of Building
Leeds Trinity University
University of Bradford
University of Huddersfield
University of Leeds
University Centre Wakefield

Step 5) Your History of completed activity that your institution delivered:

Bradford College
Calderdale College
Kirklees College
Leeds Beckett University
Leeds City College
Leeds College of Art
Leeds College of Building
Leeds Trinity University
University of Bradford
University of Huddersfield
University of Leeds
University Centre Wakefield

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JerryLat replied 1 year ago

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6 Answers
HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

New School Request: 02/10/2015 : Link to discussions = http://www.heart.ac.uk/question/manor-croft-course-carousel-126b/

HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

New School Request: 09/10/15 – Link to Discussions = http://www.heart.ac.uk/question/westborough-high-school-he-talks-lggf/
If you can help, please state your offer within the discussion area and update the excel sheet with ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘maybe’
Thank you 🙂

HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Partners,
We have a request from Joanne Welding Joanne.Welding@Immanuel.bradford.sch.uk for Flood a School
Link: http://www.heart.ac.uk/question/nnco-school-requests/ (please use code ‘z845‘ to filter to the activity and then click ‘z845’ to go to the discussion and express what you can offer )
Password if needed to enter the area is ‘spocbot’.  You will need to register/login to our website if you wish to add a comment.
Many thanks

Martell Baines replied 3 years ago

Leeds College of Art may be able to provide an Art/Design/Photography Ambassador or two, but July 12th is a long time off to be able to book Students Ambassadors at this stage; it depends on whether students are available in and around Leeds at that time of the year as it is out of the academic term. But the response is a yes we will try to book one or two SA’s.

David Moore Staff replied 3 years ago

Thank’s Martell, useful to know, i’ll assign you as involved and assign you to the discussions. You can keep track on your discussions by clicking Leeds College of Art above at the top of this page under ‘discussions’thanks again

HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

Updates: Couple of updates from immanuel college, we have some dates
04/05/2016 – Immanuel College 11-18
Broaden Your Horizons
Link to more info: 7287


04/07/2016 – Immanuel College 11-18
Course Carousel
Link to discussion: zy8h

HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

02/02/2016 8.50am – 3.10pm
School: Colne Valley High School
Request: Mock Interviews
Year 11
Contact: Samantha Hardcastle
Non Target
Link to discussions: fe9gnj
If interested, could you please state if you can support this, we can then relay the offer back to the school and gets things confirmed. (State offers within the discussions not here)

HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Colleagues, next request from the Ahead Partnership:
Date: 13/01/2016
Time: AM, 8:30 – 1pm TBC
School: John Smeaton Academy
Request: Careers Support (Conversation Cafe)
Year: 10 – 13
Contact: daniel.pegg@aheadpartnership.org.uk
Target School
Link to discuss this and state your offer:

Heart Partners