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David Moore Staff asked 3 years ago

School: Manor Croft Academy

Requested: Passport to University (Campus Tour) 

Date of Request: 02/11/2015

Requested delivery Date: 29/01/2016 PM


We are wanting to take the WHOLE of Y10 out to visit a University in the afternoon of the 29th January, making a great follow-on from the morning workshops. Is this something you could help me arrange with one of the partners?  There would be approximately 100 students and we would need just an 1 hour 30 minute tour of the campus, etc.

Transport needs to be paid for by our partner institution. School cannot afford transport. School is happy to split into 2 groups of 50 and visit 2 campus’s

Jo Tyssen replied 3 years ago

Hi.There is a Couse Carousel and Passport to University in for Manor Croft on 29th January. LCC (Jo) happy to support the Course Carousel. This would mean I am unable to support with physical presence at a campus etc for this Passport to University request, and we could not support transport costs. I agree that paying of transport makes the activity not sustainable and logistically the visit needs to be effective both in terms of time and cost. I am happy yo go along with what ever the host partners decide about continuing with Passport to University.Thanks, Jo

2 Answers
Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Hi, we wouldn’t be willing to cover transportation costs for a 90 minute campus tour. There’s no way we could say this would be sustainable as we’d never cover this in future. Perhaps we should tell Matt that the passport to university aspect of the day is not going to work and we should just stick to the course carousel in the morning.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Hello Liam and all, the Campus Tour has been supported by Leeds and Leeds Beckett, Matt has found funding to support this but needed the location to be similar.
Jo, thank you for your kind offer however as it is a short tour I don’t think your presence will be needed at this one.
Many thanks

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