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Protected: QuestionsJohn Smeaton Academy 11-18 – Conversation Café – [15/10/15 – 4-7pm] [2gp5]
HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

School: John Smeaton Academy

Requested: Conversation Café

Date of Request: NA

Requested delivery Date: 15th October

Info: 15th October year 11 parents event 4-7pm. staff in place dates confirmed

15th October                                     year 11 Parents (Jo can you represent FE as well?) 4-7 – John Smeaton
                                                University of Leeds (Lisa Firth – finance)
                                                Leeds City College (Jo Tyssen)
                                                University of Bradford (Sam Ridley)
                                                Leeds College of Art (Martell)

Details from a previous message Tracey Myers sent:


The conversation café is intended to work as an “add on” to existing events or to function as a stand-alone event.

 We provide people form a variety of institutions and offer generic HE access/aspiration information and support. You may choose to split tables into themed conversations: e.g. student life / student finance / courses and careers / any question welcome…. You will know better than me the conversations to have.

 It may help to make signs for the table to highlight what the conversation is about to make it easier for people to join in the conversation. Our intention is to provide refreshments on the table – either brought by us or provided by schools.

 At the conversation café at some schools we will be asking if parents / carers would be interested in a short family fun day session / campus visit. If there are enough people interested we will arrange a campus visit for the group. (otherwise we can perhaps invite them to individual institution dates)

Notes: Martell (LCA) cannot be there to setup due to another meeting but will get a Taxi over. Jo (LCC) has confirmed she can setup (big thanks)


update: 14/10/15 The information we have for the event is that it is taking place between 4.00 and 7.00pm and will take the same format as previous conversation café’s, i.e. it will be relatively informal, allowing parents and carers to sit and chat about different aspects of higher education (pretty much any issue at all).


Please report to main reception at John Smeaton in advance of the start time in order to sign in and be shown to the room. Named contact for this event at John Smeaton is ‘Dee Cline’ (please no jokes, this is her real name).


Collaborative Activity Descriptions:http://1drv.ms/1WBcnie

Collaborative Activity Resources:http://1drv.ms/1OLzKUW

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2 Answers
HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear all, A post from Martell Baines from Leeds College of Art. You can discuss specific aspects below (you will need to login/register)

HI all
I have in my diary for this week.
4 – 7 John Smeaton Parents Conversation Cafe Year 11: me – and thats all at the moment.
As it is on this Thursday please can we have some understanding of who is going, who is bringing what and what the approach is going to be following the last Conversation Cafe.
Here is my attempt of the things we should be taking
HEART Leaflets
HEART pens
Parents Conversation Cafe flyers to give to parents ( I designed these so could print off a batch)
The pack of prospectus’; one from each partner
Jo had some information sheets at the last event
I will be arriving at around 4.30 to 4.45pm by taxi . Is there anyone else going?
Any help, inspiration or resource would be gratefully received
Best wishes


HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Martell, do you need HEART to drop of the materials you mentioned above or do you already have these? If you could print these off that would be great. I am not sure how these events were delivered, for Lisa's and Katies benefit would it be possible to briefly explain the process from the previous Conversation Cafe? thanks – confirmed attendees: Lisa Firth (UoL delivering Finance information), Jo Tyssen (Leeds City College) ,Martell Baines (Leeds College of Art) , Katie Miller (University of Bradford – to be confirmed). I am not sure if Tracey previously agreed a representative from Leeds Beckett Uni but I shall follow this up now and update.<br><br>Contact details can be located and downloaded here: Contacts: http://1drv.ms/1OLzs0f

Jo Tyssen answered 3 years ago

I have all the resources needed for this event so other attendees will not need to bring anything, other than yourselves and any material published by SFE/SLC/UCAS that you may feel is useful. I shall be takinh:

  • HEART banner
  • HEART goody bag, including 8 partner prospectus. HEART – do you have copied of the other 4 I can pick up (I emailed earlier)?
  • Conversation Cafe flyers – inviting people to come chat to us
  • Conversation topic table signs
  • Information flyers for each of the 6 topics
  • Question prompts relating to the 6 topics

The idea is that parents/carers attending the school-led parents evening will pop and chat to us for information and guidance on the 6 topics. We are there to provide such information, as HEART rather than iindividual institutions. The topics are around HE aspirations, routes, finance, ucas, accommodation and careers / employability.
The first such event was a learning curve in terms of we were situation in a very small room, aware from the actual parents evening and among individual institutions showcasing their provision. This is not how we foreseen this activity being provided so we will have to see how this one goes before considering the format in future Conversation Cafes.
Please do just let me know if you have any other queries.

Jo Tyssen replied 3 years ago

PS – Will (LBU) has confirmed he is unable to attend on this occassion but will be attending John Smeaton on 22nd Oct and I will be passing everything he needs on to him. I will also be providing Rebecca (UoL), via HEART, everything she will need for the Airedale Academy Conversation Cafe on 22nd Oct. ThanksJo

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Thanks Jo, yes I recall Will saying he could not attend. Apologies, trying to get my head round everything! Thanks for outlining those details, I appreciate it 🙂 – shall quickly respond to your email.

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