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HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

John Smeaton Academy 11-18

Hi all,

I would like to offer you something before we all enjoy our Christmas breaks. John Smeaton is having another careers event on the 13th January but this time it will be for years 10-13. It will follow a similar style to the event back in November but the target audience will already be thinking about their futures so your presence and experience will likely have more of an impact.

Would any of you like to attend again? If so please let me know and I will get back to you with times etc.

Many thanks,

Date: 13th January

Time: AM (morning) 8:30 – 1:00 TBC


Previous activity can be found here: http://www.heart.ac.uk/question/john-smeaton-academy-11-18-careers-event-organised-by-ahead-partnership-577b/

If you wish to support please state that you can support here, we can then contact: 

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joanne.tyssen replied 3 years ago

Hi.I can attend on behalf of Leeds City College.Thanks Jo

l.bunce replied 3 years ago

Hi all, we’ve also been invited to this as individual institutions. I’m happy to go and have a University of Huddersfield stand, and take the Heart banner with me. I think having separate HEART and institution stands for events aimed at students (not parents, as the conversation cafe is more aimed at) is overkill. We had this at the recent Moor End event and it didn’t really work. I will let Daniel know I can attend on behalf of UoH/Heart. Do others want to do the same, or do you think we need a separate HEART stand? Liam

s.raby replied 3 years ago

Hi All, Leeds Trinity University can attend. We have not been invited separate to this request. Thanks Sally

2 Answers
Anonymous answered 3 years ago

I’m mostly in agreement with Liam here… I don’t think it would work having a presence from both individual partners and HEART. The HEART message would almost certainly be lost if individual partners attend.
I feel either we should encourage all partners to attend as HEART (we at Leeds Beckett are happy to do this), or accept that partners will represent their own institutions and not have a HEART presence.
It’s also difficult due to the large range of students due to be present. HEART would be more relevant for year 10s, but individual institutions may be more relevant for year 12s. We need to decide whether this is a recruitment event or a WP event.
That’s my view. We’re happy to provide a couple of ambassadors if we decide to attend as HEART.
Thanks, Will

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Hi, I am willing to attend the event with a colleague representing health-related degrees at the University of Leeds.  I’d be grateful for further info about the format of the event  and advice about what will be required of us.
Carreen Dew
Educational Outreach Officer, Faculty of Medicine and Health

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Hello Carreen, I think we have agreed that having both a HEART and institutional presence will be overkill. Therefore I would suggest contacting Dan directly and attend as an institution if they have accommodation for it. daniel.pegg@aheadpartnership.org.ukTel: 0113 246 7877Mob: 07872161558

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