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Protected: QuestionsCategory: NNCO School Activity DiscussionImmanuel College 11-18 – flood a school – [z845]
HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

School: Immanuel College 11-18

Requested: Flood a school

Requested delivery Date: Tues 12th July

Info: Booking Form Click to Download

School/Academy/College* and URN Immanuel College BD10 9AQ
Key Contact* inc title. Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms
Primary role (e.g. careers) Assistant head teacher i/c post 16
Secondary role (e.g.6th form)  
Email Address* Joanne.welding@immanuelcollege.net Telephone Number* 01274 425900
Ideal number of student ambassadors required?* 20? List of preferred subjects being studied[1]. As many as possible
Target Year Group/s 12 primarily and then 7 8 9 10 Number of Students 100 in yr 12

240 in other year groups

First Choice Date for Flood a School* Tues 12th July Alternative dates. Wed 13th July
Start Time for Day*  


End Time for Day* 2.45
Break Times 10.35 – 10.55


Lunch Times 12.30 – 1.05
Location for signing in (please provide building names/location, name of person to whom they should report to and by what time. Main reception by 8.30

Joanne Welding

Cate Blake – post 16 learning mentor

Josh Sykes – post 16 leader

[1] Our partners will endeavour to locate students to match subjects requested but we cannot guarantee this. By proceeding with booking you accept the right for our partners to provide Ambassadors drawn from other subjects.



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Collaborative Activity Resources: http://1drv.ms/1OLzKUW

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Jo Tyssen replied 3 years ago

Hi.Unfortunately LCC cannot support Flood a School due to the infancy of our student ambassador scheme ThanksJo

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Lucy confirms that Trinity can likely provide ambassadors for this. Thanks, Anna

7 Answers
RoyWard answered 3 years ago

Bradford College would be very happy to support this event. Not sure of exact number of Ambassadors we could send, but probably at least 2 or 3.

David Moore Staff answered 3 years ago

Martell Baines:
Leeds College of Art may be able to provide an Art/Design/Photography Ambassador or two, but July 12th is a long time off to be able to book Students Ambassadors at this stage; it depends on whether students are available in and around Leeds at that time of the year as it is out of the academic term. But the response is a yes we will try to book one or two SA’s.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Leeds Beckett will not be able to support this as our biggest residential starts on 13th July and our Ambassador training for the residential is going to take place on the 12th.

David Moore Staff replied 3 years ago

Thank you for letting me know 🙂

David Moore Staff answered 3 years ago

Liam (UoH) – requested and is added to discussions

LiamBunce answered 3 years ago

Hi, I’m sure I’d be able to get 2 ambassadors for this. I’ll put out a request and see if there are any more available. Thanks, Liam

l.bunce replied 3 years ago

Hi all, I’ll aim to book as many of our ambassadors as possible for this, given the school has asked ideally for 20. I will send out a request and see which ambassadors can commit to this (at this early stage). Liam

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

UoL may be able to support – will need to look at request again after staffing review following Easter. Contact Simon

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

Hi everyone, just to update on this – we so far have 3 ambassadors confirmed from UoL (studying International Banking, Finance and Law; Medicine; and Climate and Atmospheric Science), but we are still looking for a lot more (up to 20 as this will ideally cover a number of year groups)! Please can you see what you can do, and get back to me? Many thanks, Anna

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