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Protected: QuestionsCategory: NNCO School Activity DiscussionImmanuel College 11-18 – Course Carousel – 04/07/2016 [zy8h]
HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

School: Immanuel College 11-18

Requested: Course Carousel

Date of Request: NA

Requested delivery Date: 04/07/2016


20/01/16 Update: This is for year 9 students, and there are 240 in total. Exact times are still to be confirmed. The teacher has asked if we can incorporate some info relating to apprenticeships if possible,

04/07/2016 – 6 activities, 15 per group

Need programme for diverse range of subjects that they would not usually have the opportunity to see.




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Jo Tyssen replied 3 years ago

LCC happy to support. Could do generic HE progression (or HE in FE) info or subject specific (I can do Sport/Business but for other subjects would need to look at curriculum staff or ambassadors). What time please? Thanks, Jo

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Thanks, Jo – I will check the time and let you know.

Lucy confirms that Trinity can likely provide ambassadors for this.

Thanks, Anna

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Jo, the times are 8.55-10.35 – it is going to be tight, but I have spoken to the teacher about this and he thinks it will work.Best,Anna

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LiamBunce answered 3 years ago

UoH happy to send ambassdor(s) to this – porbably will struggle get more than 2 ambassadors given time of year. I could also attend. Need to know Year group and times. Thanks, Liam

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Thanks Liam, Anna will be checking in with schools and we shall provide an update ASAP<br><br>Kind regards<br><br>David

LiamBunce replied 3 years ago

Thanks David. Response from our ambassadors has been better than expected, so I’m sure we could offer 3 ambassadors to the school, and could possibly find a couple more if needed.

RoyWard replied 3 years ago

Bradford College definitely up for this one – will need to check with academics/student ambassadors as to what we can offer. As we will hopefully doing something on apprenticeships in the Broadening your Horizons activity it might be good for another member institution to offer an apprenticeship session.

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Thanks Liam and Roy, I’ve now discussed this with the teacher, and can confirm that the event will run from 8.55-10.35. So its a short time frame like their Broadening Your Horizons session. However, as this is a carousel, we are looking for 6 15 minute activities that will run over the 90 minutes. I had initially thought this was for 240 students, but it is actually for 90, so this is a bit more manageable! Thanks,Anna

l.bunce replied 3 years ago

Thanks Anna. Roy, how would you like to split the ambassadors? I could probably get 4 (and I could be one of them if necessary), if you could cover 2 of the activities? Happy to go with whatever split you want. Liam

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Sorry Leeds College of Art is not available for this date (4th July)

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Are we looking to run this like we did the Westborough event (all in one room, 5 minutes each at each subject. Or as longer sessions in different rooms? This will help me look at what/who we can offer for this. Thanks, Liam (UoH)

HEART Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Liam, the school has asked for 6 15 minute activities to be delivered in turn to 6 groups of 15 students. I will have to check the arrangements as to the rooms, but I don’t think it will be in the same room, based on this structure. I will double check this and get back to you. Best, Anna

l.bunce replied 3 years ago

Thanks Anna. That’s fine – same as Manor Croft last Friday. Liam

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Hi all,
Bit late to the party on this one, but we at Leeds Beckett can definitely commit to sending 2 ambassadors, and will be able to get more if needed. Let’s say we’ll do sport and education like last time. Let us know the details closer to the time.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Great – thanks, Will! Best, Anna

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

UoL may be able to support – would need to send to subject clusters. Contact Simon

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

To update, Jo can no longer make this, but it looks like we have it well covered. I’ll be in touch shortly to iron out who is covering what, but thanks all for your support, as always! Anna

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

Hi all, 
Just to let you know that I will be attending this in Liam’s place and I can book 4 ambassadors for the event. 
Thanks, Peggy

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