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Protected: QuestionsCategory: HEFCE SPoC Documents, Evaluation, Contacts and GuidesHEFCE Update 18/09/2015 11:03 – NNCO monitoring update
HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

By way of a quick update, please be alerted to:


NNCO monitoring forms

We wanted to confirm that the 2014-15 NNCO monitoring forms were emailed out on Monday to network SPoCs and NNCO project leads.  The email contained your individual ‘key’ (or combination) that you will need to access the forms on the HEFCE extranet and included two guidance documents – one is technical guidance on using the HEFCE extranet and the other was guidance on completing the monitoring forms.  If you haven’t received the email, please can you alert us as soon as possible.


Monitoring presentation

We have also produced a presentation on youtube with guidance on the monitoring process. We hope that you will find it helpful and that it will help answer any queries that you may have. Please find the link below:




Monitoring query

We have had a query about the rationale behind the end dates of tables B1 and B4 on from C. Please find an explanation below:


Table B1 – partner funding


We ask you to complete this table with contributions up to the 31 July 2015 – ie to the end of the first year of the scheme.  This should mean that the information you supply will be the same as that indicated in partner institution’s letters of response to us at the start of the NNCO scheme when they indicated the percentage of their formulaic allocation they would contribute to each network.


Because a lot of institutions are members of more than one network, we will reconcile the amounts that partners are contributing across all the networks so that we can check that all formulaic allocations are being utilised through the NNCO infrastructure.  Where figures don’t reconcile to 100 per cent, we will be in touch with the member institution.


Table B4


Whilst we are asking for funding figures up to 31 July 2015 for partner contributions – we are asking for expenditure information up to 30 September 2015.  This is so that we can see the levels of expenditure so far achieved.



BIS/DfE area-based reviews

In the context of our call for project submissions around local skills strategies that we issued on 7 September, we wanted to ensure that you know that BIS and DfE have announced a programme of area-based reviews to review 16+ provision in every area.  This is with the intention of reviewing provision across the country over the course of the next 18 months. The focus will be on FE and sixth-form colleges, although the availability and quality of all post-16 academic and work-based provision in each area will also be taken into account.  These reviews will make recommendations for institutions and localities to restructure their provision to ensure it is tailored to the changing context and designed to achieve maximum impact.  The guidance is at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/post-16-education-and-training-institutions-area-based-reviews . The reviews will take place between now and March 2017.


Briefing event – 12 October

We have received a number of attendee forms for our event on 12 October in Birmingham.  If you haven’t had a chance to respond yet but are interested in coming along, please can you send your attendee form back to us by 21 September in order to secure a place.


Upcoming dates

21 September- deadline for registering for the briefing event on October 12

Midnight 2 October – deadline for latest project call submissions

12 October- briefing event

Noon 30 October- deadline for monitoring returns


As always, please get in touch if you have any questions about the points raised above or any other NNCO matter.


With best wishes,


The NNCO team

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