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HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

Dear colleagues.


HEFCE contacted us last week to provide details of how to access the HEFCE portal for downloading and uploading interim reports for the SPoC/NNCO.


HEFCE has added to the information required from HEART/University of Leeds.  They have also requested additional financial information from individual network members in relation to expenditure and carry forward.  Where originally they were only seeking a ‘certificate’ of spend on supporting the network from each partner’s financial lead they are now asking for a breakdown of spend against some broad headlines (staff, projects, events, travel etc.).


The attached guidance notes, written interim report requirements and the spreadsheet incorporating details of spend are attached for your consideration.


The deadline for submission remains 30 October 2015.  In order to allow myself to construct the report, collate the expenditure and carry over figures and share this back with all partners for approval I ask that you complete and return the details by Friday 9 October latest.  (Leeds College of Building – we do not require anything from you but you are receiving this for transparency of communications/process).


I have checked with HEFCE and to avoid confusion; the figures being sought on the spreadsheet, sheet B partners and finances are:

  • Table B1: this should be the figure that you have received from HEFCE in year 1 and that you have put toward supporting the HEART SPoC (I would expect this to match your total year 1 allocation from HEFCE other than for University of Leeds who have allocated 80% to HEART allowing 20% to support the Russell Group SPoC)
  • Table B4: this should show the expenditure to 30 September 2015 for each line; the second column should indicate the remaining expected expenditure to the end of the SPoC/NNCO (December 2016), i.e. the balance of year 1 plus year 2 allocations and I would expect that these should match the balance of funding held by your institution – i.e. please ensure that you are reporting a full spend as HEFCE would recall any projected underspend.


I hope this makes sense, should you have any queries do please contact me.


Best wishes, Ian

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HEART Staff answered 3 years ago

 Currently we have received returns from the following partners:
University of Huddersfield.
Please send your return to heart@leeds.ac.uk

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