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HEART Staff asked 2 years ago

Request for a Courses Carousel activity for Year 9 students (130) at Airedale Academy.

Tuesday 20th September.

Link Teacher: Emma Ward

Based on experience at this school, I think smaller groups would be preferred, so it would be great if we could have around 8/10 activities to deliver to groups of around 15.

Time and room arrangements are still to be confirmed.

Please let me know if you are able to support.

Many thanks,



Andrew C replied 2 years ago

Hi Anna We should be able to attend this one.

William Atkinson replied 2 years ago

We’ll be able to support this with staff and ambassadors. Will (LBU)

4 Answers
Anonymous answered 2 years ago

Hiya! We’d be able to support, with academics and ambassadors. Could we do an activity about computer science? We have some activities around this being developed at the moment Sophie

Jo Tyssen answered 2 years ago

Leeds City College will be able to support. I can deliver something that is sport – or business – related, but maybe open to other subjects if necessary. 

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

Hi All, this is great news – as I said, we are going to need 8/10 activities, so it’s fantastic news that you are all on board. I will update the system to confirm your support, and let the Emma Ward know it is confirmed. We can liaise nearer the time to sort out who is doing what activities.
Thanks again, Anna

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

Hi, We should also be able to support this with staff and ambassadors. Thanks, Peggy (UoH)

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