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David Moore Staff asked 3 years ago

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Confirmed Delivery DateTimeEstimated Delivery DateSchoolActivityAdditional InfoPartners Currnetly InvolvedSchool ContactLink to discussionsConfirmedCompletedNumbers InvolvedNon-Target 16Feedback
07/07/2015naThornhill Academy Transitions Day and EveningYear 6 to 7 LCA, KCkg5fYY190 plus parents
30/04/2015 naWestborough High SchoolFlood a SchoolLBU; LCA; LTU; UoB; UoH; UoLsfgeYYEstimated: 200+ provided via schoolTeacher and ambassador evaluations submitted. Much benefit for students but some improvements needed to proccesses and need to standardise ambassador input
11/02/2015 naThe Featherstone AcademyFlood a Schoolyear 7 to 11LBU; LCA; LTU; UoB; UoH; UoLu75fYYEstimated: 400 provided via schoolFabulous activity that really engaged the kids. Some minor issues with the Ambassadors, one just seemed to wander off and no stay in tune with the concept of the day but I would still thoroughly recommend the scheme to others. (Angela Ball).
03/12/2014 naKettlethorpeFlood a Schoolyear 7 to 11LBU; LCA; LTU; UoB; UoH; UoL; WCj85dYYEstimated: Collectively 800 young people provided via schoolY• We are grateful to HEART for contacting Universities and securing commitment to attend; the 'fine tuning' and practical logistics needed school to university communication.
• Students really enjoyed the day and for the majority 'married' in with their career aspirations for working in education.
• Our staff found the Students engaging and helpful in the curriculum lessons; some Students were better prepared than others to 'present' in the first session - PHSEE; hence, response from our pupils generally worked much better where Students had considered the session. • Students created high impact and a good positive effect in school; definitely raised aspirations and gave an accessibility and increased understanding to considering University in the future. Great 'feel good factor' during the day - Students created interest and stimulus in many ways. Yes, would recommend as a future event.
06/02/2015Crofton AcademyFlood a Schoolyear 9, 10, 12 & 13LBU; UoB; UoH University of York (Higher York)fht5YY203YCheers Ian, the Ambassadors were Fab! Late switch around from Leeds Beckett University and University of Bradford sent an Ambassador not expected but nothing I couldn't handle.
Really went well. HEART students seemed happy upon departure. I made sure they got stuck in e.g. encouraging them to circulate, pairing them up with a disengaged pupil to support etc. Pupils have commented on how much they enjoyed talking to them and hearing about their experiences. They liked having people in who have been in their shoes, they could talk to easily , who took an interest in them and gave good advice. THANKS! (Beki) Kate Ashton, commenting at Wakefield WP Group meeting on 28 April 2015. "The kids were buzzing, it was so fantastic and the Ambassadors and the whole event was so professional."
15/07/2015All-Day15/07/2015 - 16/07/2015The Featherstone Academy, Immanuel College, Thornhill Community Academy Trust, Park Lane Learning Trust, Leeds city College AcademySummer SchoolYear 10BC; LBU; LCC; LTU; UoB; UoHg7ld2YY48 + Parents


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