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David Moore Staff asked 3 years ago

Bank Foot Primary has come back to me regarding their careers day that you kindly said yes to supporting. New information from them that changes significantly what I had previously relayed to you so want to check whether you both still feel able to support.


The date has changed and is now confirmed as 10th December (not the 8th as previously advised).


The format now comes with a request for:

  • 15-20 minute talk followed by Q&A for the kids AND for this to be repeated 5 times as they are splitting the kids into 5 groups and rotating them (90 children, ages 9/10).
  • Making links to careers available in and around Bradford now and in the future.


Alongside you (if still willing to support) they have speakers from business in from: NG Bailey; Yorkshire Water; Cummins Engineering and Ashfield Veterinary Surgery which looks quite science/technical oriented so Zanab would be a fantastic counter balance to this if available



Bradford College – Roy WArd and Zanab are booked in for the 10th

University of Bradford – Janet checking if ambassadors are available.

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