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Protected: QuestionsCategory: NNCO School Activity DiscussionAiredale Academy Broadening your horizons, 19th April (lih20)
HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

Broadening your horizons activity requested for week commencing 118h April, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (flexibility regarding day).  Two hours session from 8.55 to 10.55. Year 9 students (expected 52in total). Specific sessions not requested so activities should be generic, aspiration raising (perhaps 3 to 4 half hour sessions on a carousel basis?).

Link teacher is Emma Ward, year 9 progress leader.

Please confirm if you are able to support and suggest best times or activities.

Jo replied 3 years ago

Hi. At LCC have quite a lot already booked in for Tues, Wed and Thurs of that week so I think we will struggle to support this. Thanks – Jo

4 Answers
Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Hi Jo, thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Same as 12th April – I could support this. Would this be the same students as on 12th? Wouldn’t mind going to see new students, but doing another morning with the same group within 1 week seems like quite a lot of resource (if I were to also bring ambassadors). Liam

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

Hi Liam, yes, it will be different students to the 12th. Best,   Anna

David Braham answered 2 years ago

Sorry I’m not available on the 12th or the 19th at 8.55-10.55 or I would have liked to have taken part.

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