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Protected: QuestionsAiredale Academy 11-18 – 22/10/2015 [Conversation Café] [cf16]
HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

School: Airedale Academy

Requested: Conversation Café

Date of Request: NA

Requested delivery Date: October 22nd 2015


Parents and carers to support  transition settling in / options after school October 22

Timetable and further information:

Conversation café parents and carers to support options end of year 8 Open evening for transition settling in night – year 7 after school – time to be confrimed – Airedale

Update: Pending Confirmation about times and dates from school.  Will Atkinson has requested these details and will be provided ASAP.

Update 08/10/15: Michaela has spoken to me about your coming into our y7 tutor evening for a conversation café.

The parental consultation will run from approx. 3.30-7pm.

It will take place in our Year 7 base, an area of the school dedicated to y7 only.

I would happily arrange for you to be in one of your classrooms on this day.  We can also ask tutors to speak to parents regarding your drop-in and direct them towards you.

Thank you & kind regards

Update 8/10/15: University of Hudderfield – Matthew Wetherill will be attending the Airedale event. Matt’s email address is m.m.wetherill@hud.ac.uk.


Update: 12/10/15 :  Confirmation from Airedale that the room for this event will be set up and that access to interactive whiteboard and computer will be available.  The room will be available from 2.45pm ready for the start of the event at 3.00pm.  The school tutors will guide and direct parents to the room (parents may well be accompanied by their youngsters).



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