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HEART Staff asked 3 years ago

All the HE Providers have received guidance for writing the 2017 – 18 Access Agreements and in the guidance it states consideration of collaborative approaches.

Paragraph 5.6 in the Ministerial letter to Les Ebdon mentions the NNCOs and collaborative approach

https://www.offa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/11-02-2016-OFFA-Guidance.pdf and in Paragraphs 66- 70 in the OFFA Writing guidance.

The guidance asks us for at least one collaborative target set in conjunction with partner organisations

The deadline for submission is April 27th, but some institutions will need to have theirs completed earlier.

The area below is free to discuss this within a virtual setting and is very similar to how Yahoo Answers works. I would advise each institution makes their own ‘answer’ unless it is responding to another answer (comment)

martell.baines replied 3 years ago


I think at Leeds College of Art we would only be looking for one collaborative target.

I feel that it should be on an element that we are all working on, have delivery experience of already and confident that we have something to build on.

My suggestions for start of discussion on this Forum is a commitment to collaboratively raise aspirations of Looked After Young People through each partner sustaining engagement with the Virtual Schools Network and Foster Carer Families? (I am sure it could be worded better than that)

OR a commitment to stage a collaborative HE Aspiration 3 day Summer School for xx number of Year 10’s each year

Both would be a collaborative target for the OUTREACH section of the targets.
Best wishes


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Louise Banahene answered 3 years ago

I agree. I think a focus that focuses less on volume and more on impact would be helpful too. We have a temporary project officer in place called Alison Mearns. Alison will be developing our evaluation framework working in consultation with you all. It’s a piece of work that will take a few months but a key element of this will be linking in to the work that Anna is doing to develop a target.

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